In order to maintain a level of safety for everyone involved, there are a few things to note about how my team and I will operate in the coming weeks or months:

1) Social Distancing: Homeowners/agents/assistants will not be permitted in the home while shoots are taking place. We ask that when the Koric Photo team is in the home, no one else is present in the home. This will help to minimize human contact to reduce the risk of disease transmission.‚Äč

2) Precautionary Measures: We will require the home to be ready and staged before the shoot. Please turn on all lights (including table lamps), open blinds and open all doors. Our team will not touch or move anything in the home including light switches, blinds, doors etc. This is for everyone’s safety, both yours, ours and the home owners. We ask that everything is ready to go before we arrive.